Cricketers v Footballers

3 days of great golf at our host courses culminated in a landslide victory for Bothams Cricketers. Top man was Matt Maynard with an impressive 75 points over 2 days, whilst Sir Ian himself finished second on 64, Steve Stone was top Footballer with 62 points. Big Man Shay Given started well with a win on day 1, the Texas Scramble with his team mates Palmer, Brenner and Edkins supporting well. Unfortunately that was the highlight for Shay as he finished as the low sports score of 41 Points over 2 days.

In his post event Speech Captain Botham threw a return gauntlet at his rival captain, suggesting the footballers would need 5 years to recover from this crushing defeat. Unperturbed Shearer replied that his team had lost in the bar and on the course and that even a fight would be a no contest. He was however impressed that his players did so well after so little sleep.